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Daniel Gilfix

Psychic Athlete & Consciousness Engineer

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I was placed exactly where I was meant to be.

Daniel Gilfix

At the age of 27, before I could begin my masters, I was riding my bike down a steep hill when I was struck by a minivan. This is what it is like when the universe reaches down and course corrects.

Even in this act I was protected.
A few weeks before this event a coworker, who’s a competitive cyclist, shared the wisdom that if you’re hit by a vehicle lean into it and this will transfer the force back into the vehicle and you won’t get thrown. This conversation was playing in my head moments before I was hit.
I leaned into the car and avoided a more serious injury.

My recovery would take me down my own healing journey, and later I would train in numerous modalities. Energetic and consciousness based healing techniques, astrology and numerology, herbs, homeopathics. Anything that could teach me something that I could then take and apply in my own way.
Most recently Human Design is what I’ve taken a deep dive into, since the birth of my daughter in 2018. Human Design has had a profound impact on how I show up for my family, and how I work with clients. It has offered me new insights into my own character, and has been a valuable tool that I’ve integrated into my practice.

As I began to apply this acquired knowledge and develop my psychic gifts to work with clients, it was clear I was always going to be of service and help in this way. That this was my purpose on this planet being fulfilled.
In the past, I would have been called Shaman.
But today, I refer to myself as a consciousness engineer. I have the expertise and intuitive awareness of forms and how they function. I have a gift for spotting the area of weakness and the trauma that caused it. And, most importantly, I can offer a solution.

Together we can bring the integrity of the structures of body/mind/consciousness to the highest level possible for you.

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